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don’t let our youth go to waste:

To only ever talk of walking tall. Letting light shine only softly & seldom seeing signs of more. Missing out on milestones. A figure is fast approaching. A grey arch over a body of water. The streetlight shows the water lapping at the heel of the dusty concrete as a choice to steer clear is made. People pass on a bridge, eerily lit by the reflection of the floating, lower waves. At night it’s so much more sinister, the bodies draw close. There is tension as their paths cross.

A missed connection, a blind spot for fate, as they both look the other way. Their stories never stick together, never intertwine. They rarely get the chance.

Folk are far too concerned with looking good or just where else to look to not look bad. Most times out of ten people really don’t care that much, their concern is with themselves. You can lose your mind if you get captured in this kind of detail. Possibilities are endless and if you don’t believe me go to any bar. It’s a room full of those professing to wear their heart on their sleeve that communicate in code, if they choose to at all. 

There are no places I want to be.

I read that people of a certain faith used to sit around & get to know each other by asking set questions. The questions were set to avoid the awkwardness of what do you do, or where were your first pages turned. Only one of these seems important to me, or of any interest at all. To candidly discuss what makes you afraid with someone you’ve just met. Now that is interesting. The idea behind it is genius as your taboo then becomes your common ground, what better way to break the ice. For secrets grow stale & gain weight. If you want to handle baggage work at an airport. If you insist on traveling, travel light.

There is always an option. We choose the way we speak & to some extent, how we appear to be.  

The other option is to always look for ways to stay the same.

Which legacy is going to be more worthwhile? 

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January 15, 2013 · 6:21 pm