:hanging on the telephone

He usually ignores private numbers as it’s usually work or unwanted sales calls, un-excited people trying to convince you that what they have to tell you is exciting. Sometimes he speaks to the faceless people, long enough to draw them in, to hear the pitch sprawl, but just long enough to identify them. To request that there’s no encore. It’s 5am so he decides to take a chance, he’s been awake for an hour anyway calculating what he can & can’t do with what money he has left over. An unfamiliar voice speaks calmly & authoritatively, the still phrases feel like wind through his empty head. The distinct lack of emotion slows the words, taking a few seconds longer than normal to register as his body reacts to the news. Shock censors how he feels but he knows that he must do his best to try to keep it together. He knows there will be phone-calls explaining & then excusing his absence. After this, the burning of tears blistering through dry eyes & shower to rebuild his thoughts & hatch a plan. To understand & support, to say the right things. A journey will follow.

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